Who Will Obtain the Blue Badge?

The German Environmental Aid (DUH) and allied environmental associations elaborated a definition of those being entitled to obtain a Blue Badge. These are primarily only diesel vehicles adhering to emission standard of Euro 6 (but not all diesel vehicles of Euro 6 norm fulfil the required nitrogen oxide level!) as well as gasoline vehicles adhering to Euro standard 3.

Here for description of vehicles being entitled for a Blue Badge:

Vehicle Categories for the Blue Badge:

  • gasoline vehicles without direct injection set with Euro standard 3
  • gasoline vehicles with direct injection set with Euro standard 6b
  • electric vehicles without internal combustion engine
  • CNG/LPG vehicles as passenger cars, trucks, and buses set with Euro standard 3
  • diesel vehicles and light duty commercial vehicles with retrofitted DeNO2 technology as long as these observe the NOx levels of the Euro 6 standard
  • diesel vehicles and buses > 2,61 t with retrofitted DeNO2 technology as long as these observe the NOx levels of the Euro 6 standard.

Gasoline engines with direct injection

Gasoline engines with direct injection take a separate role amongst the petrol engines.
This technique has long been in the massive criticism by environmental organizations, because these direct injection gasoline engine (mostly turbo engines) are more economical than normal gasoline are (intake manifold technology), but emit a higher number of particles of soot and nitrogen oxides, and therefore should not be covered by the Euro 6 standard.
The Euro 6 standard can only be fulfilled by direct injection if those would be retrofitted with a corresponding filter. If this is not the case, these vehicles exceed the applicable standards in each case by several 100 percent.
Drivers of petrol with direct injection vehicles can only have a high level of security to meet the Euro 6 standard if the registration is later than September 2015.
Alternatively, a retrofitted filters possibly helps to meet the standard. Kits are currently not yet available. Peugeot and Citroën z. B. already want to install such filters this year with their new cars.
Vehicles with gasoline without direct injection are normally granted at least Euro 3, so they meet the requirement with regards to NOx, and therefore fulfil the requirements of the Euro 6 and should hence receive a blue badge.

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