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What Are the Possible Alternatives to the Blue Badge?

Considering the alternatives to the introduction of the Blue Nitrogen Oxide Badge, we recognize that there are indeed alternatives being worth to be taken into account – instead of just doing nothing:

  • The urban infrastructure can be designed more bicycle-friendly
  • Supports for employees and employers can be introduced being given to those who daily or at a certain number of days detectably use the bicycle for the way to their work
  • The biking paths system could be extended
  • Less diesel vehicles could be admitted newly which could be achieved by means of higher tax for diesel vehicles
  • A financial support of electric mobility and the adhering infrastructure could take place
  • Introduction of speed limits (as by now, for example, having been enforced by law by citizens in Berlin)
  • An exhaust gas purification can be realised in tunnels instead of simply conducting the bad air outwards.
  • Strict increase of environmentally friendly vehicles for city authorities, police, fire department, and public transport.