How Are Political Voices Reacting On The Nitrogen Oxide Problem?

The Greens consider the Federal Government as responsible because according to the statement of Stephan Kühn, spokesman of Green Party's transport policy, health hazards originate to a big extent from increased nitrogen oxide levels of diesel vehicles.
According to his opinion the Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt presented no solution for diesel vehicles so far and protects first of all the interest of the German automotive industry.
On the other hand, according to Kühn's opinion, this interest of the industry could especially suffer as long as there are no stronger prescriptions. Because if the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel vehicles cannot be reduced under real operation, a diesel vehicle could no longer be driven in the city. Then it would be a question of time until diesel vehicles will disappear from inner cities after a conclusion of the highest court.

Winfried Hermann, the transport minister of Baden-Wurttemberg wants that clean diesel vehicles keep their allowance to drive into city centres. For this reason he intends to introduce the Blue Badge. This Badge is supposed to be applied for gasoline vehicles observing Euro 3 standard and for diesel vehicles observing Euro standard 6. Environmental areas, however, are supposed to accept not only cars fulfilling the demands of the Blue Badge but also the nitrogen oxides in real operation. This difficulty became extremely obvious after the VW scandal. The need for action is abundantly clear. According to statements of Winfried Hermann a special conference with the environment ministers will take place still in spring of 2016, in order to discuss this subject.