Blue Environment Zone in Stuttgart – Current Plans

Stuttgart itself is still struggling with the decision on implementation of the Blue Badge after its official introduction. Here they are currently coping with the 5th  fine dust particle alarm, which can be for 04/19/2016 cancelled due to improved weather conditions for now.
Strange silence is observed also from the local Environmental Protection Agency, which still does not show any notable activities since the announcement in the regarding the Blue Badge. Current measurement data of the agency however gives increased reason for concern and are a constant proof of the bad air in the city.

Nitrogen Oxides in Stuttgart - Information up to March 2016

According to the current state of knowledge, the Blue Badge will be introduced first to Stuttgart in 2019 because this city is particularly susceptible to a nitrogen (and fine dust) pollution due to its geographical location in a valley basin.
For this reason the transport minister Winfried Hermann (federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg) presented the new concept for introduction of the Blue Badge on 27th May 2015.
According to his opinion 80 per cent of all vehicles in the town should be equipped with the Blue Environmental Badge on their window pane. This is what Hermann announced on Monday 27th July 2015. Diesel vehicles set by the Euro 6 emission standard as well as gasoline vehicles of Euro standard 3 can obtain this Badge.
On presentation of the concept of a new air-quality plan Hermann expressed his aim to observe limit values for particle emission until 2020. Until 2021 at the latest he intends to ensure that his plan proved to be feasible in practice.
A need for action in the matter of Blue Nitrogen Oxide Badge exists particularly because the EU regulations for fine dust prescribe a limit value of 50 micrograms per cubic metre which – despite the established environmental area – can hardly be observed.
The obvious hope in conjunction with the Blue Badge introduction is a side product in the form of reduced traffic volume followed by a reduced fine dust pollution. Then finally the exceeds in fine dust pollution allowed 35 times maximum per year would even be observed.
For legal reasons the town and the federal state Baden-Wurttemberg cannot introduce the Blue Badge alone, that is why the regional government still needs the support of the federal government. This is now done on 07.04.2016.