Blue Environment Zone Munich – Current Plans

Five members of the city council in Munich directed a request to the mayor Dieter Reiter shortly after the advance of the country's environment ministers from the 04.07.2016, to provide information on how the city government wants to introduce Blue Environment Zones and which vehicles will be impacted. In particular members of city council want to get information about how many taxis and delivery vehicles would be affected by such a Blue Environment Zone and especially how many diesel cars would be banned from entering. The complete request for information can be found here. The answer from 19.05.2016 here.
Already on 29.09.2015, as reported in Munich’s evening paper the Greens Party finally demanded measures against the emissions in Munich and also demanded the introduction of the blue badge. The reasoning for the demands was that the allowable annual average for nitrogen dioxide at the measuring point Landshuter Allee was regularly exceeded by far and its actual value in 2014 was more than twice as high as the predetermined threshold of the EU.

Nitrogen Oxides in Munich - Information up to March 2016

The municipal administration of Munich presently declines measures concerning nitrogen oxides exceeding the current level. The opinion is that general closures of inner cities and a city toll are disproportionate, antisocial and unlawful. The responsible environment speaker Stephanie Jacobs is cited accordingly in the south German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. No acute need for action is necessary, in her opinion, as the fine dust limits are observed. Problems around nitrogen oxides are planned to be solved by means of a support program in the form of more than 30 million Euros for commercially used electric vehicles.